Seals of the Ages – the full story

Book one – The Druid and the Flower – A few decades after the Great Collapse, the small community of North Face Cove is on the brink of being destroyed. Conor Logan, and his wife Maeve must solve two impossible problems on separate journeys; and it must be done in the next few months before the bitter winter of this northern climate arrives. The Gaters, to where Conor must journey killed his family, and Maeve cares not to ponder her most horrible encounter with them. Walker Bob leads the Gaters. Aren leads a band of rebels destined to confront Maeve. In all of this, Magic makes its first appearance to mankind.

This book has been published on CreateSpace and Amazon as of November 25th, 2014

Book two – Ashima – What the Guardians talked about has come to pass. This is the time of the great transition. It is also the time of the Blight.  Ashima and her brother are special, as is the son to the leader of the Gaters.

This book is now available on Amazon and CreateSpace..

Book three – Riddle of the Keep – Mankind has entered a new era. Seals have been put in place to protect secrets. One of those Seals has now broken. Sean finds his entire family has made the ultimate sacrifice for the breaking of the Seal. What Sean does next will impact not only those around him, but the shaping of the fourth and final Age. Sean, Jason, Meghan, and Bridgette will all come together to fight the dark side of the new Magic, and solve the mystery of the riddle of the Keep.

This book was released late 2016.

The Series is now complete.