How do we find substance in a fleeting moment? Silly to think that even a grain of purpose should nest in any such tidbit of time; yet the rekindled Mantra of life is to live in the moment, perhaps accepting without analysis that a string of such moments should add up to purpose and value—great memories—bad memories.

Happenstance is an interesting character. She comes along at her whim, and casts her net on events. Or is it her spell? No matter, you all have felt her presence: a wonderful meal, a most unbelievable meeting, a glorious sunset, any day at the ocean, downhill bliss on skis, a hug from someone special, a new puppy, purple flowers in spring (one of my favorites), and the list goes on and on. And of course there is her dark side; she brings disaster in equal form. Let’s not list those, the events of our days and our news will feed us many.

So, as we live in our moment and deal with what happenstance has to offer, we tend to ferret out those things we consider  right, and shake our head in disbelief those things that are wrong. We have a need to link what is fair with what clearly cheats some other precious soul of a long life. We have a burning desire to understand how calamity could be part of any God’s plan.

It might just be that the answer has little to do with God and much to do with connection. Maybe our focus is on but a small piece of what we are, albeit, a most important one, as it makes up this new chapter—our birth to our death. And so our focus should be on that moment, that chapter. But perhaps chapters are connected to other chapters.

Connection. As any event unfolds, be it important or mundane, be it good or bad, it makes a connection. It is a natural process; the sunset connects me to evening, the passing of the day, the stars to come. A good meal connects me to family and friends, sharing, bounty, conversation. Everything and everyone is connected in some way. The more our scientists probe the universe, the more the great minds probe our purpose, the more we learn that it is all connected. Even my genes carry information from my ancestors: how they lived, was it feast or famine.

Big deal! Well yes. It is a big deal. I have no notion of any grand design of connectivity, any more than I understand the dynamics of the Big Bang, or how a life grows inside the womb. ( NO that is not some acclamation for “right to life.”) But, I have made connections. Most of those are still in my realm of being, yet many have passed on. Still, the connection with what has passed on is no more tenuous than the connection to everyday people and events. I firmly believe I am connected to a greater happening, beyond cosmic, beyond and before the Big Bang.

There are those who refer to the Akashic Records; a place where all is written that might be tapped into. The gospels of Matthew as translated by Thomas Moore refer to the Sky Father, an interesting coincidence to a name perhaps referred to by Native Americans. Many accept that prayer heals, even from a distance. There are those who find connection with past lives, and many who retain a connection with those who have passes on, even animals who had so very much touched their lives.

Yes, I dare say the spider web helps explain it: I might find myself somewhere on the web were what touches it on the far side is distance and not at all within my view; still I feel it. Perhaps the web is connected to other webs, parts of itself, different plains. It is forever in my awareness, and so my web grows as I grow and make more connections; I will never remain the same, but I will stay connected.

All of life is precious, meant to be respected and held sacred. Happenstance will have her way: some life will be short, some will be long, some will be with bliss, some with trial and tribulation. We should not take up any one day to try and discern the value of a full life; nor should we examine any one life to discern a plan that might just include infinity.

My soul tells me all of this, yet it tells me nothing that should be uttered as it is more a feeling, a knowing. So putting it into words will offer it to misrepresentation and meaning I did not intend. All I intended to say is that we are all connected. That connection is for eternity.

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