The Noise

Oh oh, here he comes.

O’Reilly & Ollie

Why is it, just as I settle down, he shows up?

Ly is with him, so I might as well get up. Ly knew Ollie would just complain until he came  to get me out.


That noise again. It always makes me jump. Why would someone make that loud a noise so late in the evening? Or any time for that matter.

Stop looking at me. I got up didn’t I? Go on in.

That dog is spoiled rotten.  

The light flicks off.  Ly’s off to bed. I love their bed, especially in the day time. You can lay on it and gaze out the window. Boom, boom. Ow, I hit my head. I know I’m not suppose to cause commotion at night, unless I hear something strange. This is not strange, but it hurts my ears.

They think I’m scared, but I’m not. If I could find what was doing it I would eat it, or at least chase it away.

Ollie is scared too. I can tell. He pops his head up, in that big bed of his, every time that loud boom sounds. For such a big dog he sure is a scaredy cat. I don’t know why they give him the bigger bed, I bark louder than him, I chase everything faster and further than him, but he gets the larger bed.

That’s why I go in and tear it up now and again, so they will blame it on him. My bed is never torn up. Yet, they never…

Boom, boom, wind against the windows, a deluge of rain upon the roof.

 Ok, that’s enough. They need my protection. Bark, bark, bark….  

 Oh good the door is not completely shut. A nudge with my head…  There we go.

Bark, bark. A light snaps on. Oh good, Girl is awake, and she’s saying my name so she’s not mad. She knows I’m here to save her. I’ll just stay here next to their bed until all the noise stops.

Oh no, what’s she doing? She’s picking me up. I don’t like being picked up. What’s she going to do with me?

Slow down, slow down. I need to slow down. I’m okay. Listen to her words. None of them make any sense but she is talking in a loving voice, so it must be okay.

Boom, Boom. Put me down, Put me down. She places me on the bed next to Ly.  I’m not allowed on the bed.

What’s Ly doing. He reaches out and pulls me close to him.

I like getting up in his lap to take a nap. This is not that. This has never happened before. Plus, he has not said a word. I hope he’s not mad at me. It was Girl who put me here. He has to know that, right?

No, he can’t be mad. Sometimes, during the day, when Girl is not around, he lets me stay on the bed. It even got to where Ollie and me both get up here when Girl is not at home.

But this is weird.

I’ll stay on my back with my legs in the air. Ok, ok, he’s rubbing my belly.

Boom, Boom. Ly is not afraid of the noise. I can feel it. Yet, I shouldn’t be here in their bed.

Where’s Ollie? Am I to be punished for waking them up? If I don’t move, I’ll be fine. After all, they have never hit me, and even when they talk loud at me it’s because I’m not doing what I should.

Yes, I’ll stay on my back, keep my feet in the air until that noise stops.

How long has it been? I need to go outside for a pee. Not yet though.

Should I close my eyes? No, stay on my back, paws in the air, eyes wide open.

The rubbing almost tickles. I should lick his hand to slow him I like it, but I don’t think I’m suppose to be here.

It’s been silent for a long time. Maybe I’ll roll over. Girl is in the way. She will have to move. A couple of digs with the front paws should do it. There, she moved. Ah, this is better. Which one of you two is gonna rub my back? The noise has stops. I saved us all. What’s Ollie doing on the floor down there. Shouldn’t he come up?

Why is Girl getting out of bed? It’s time for sleep. Oh, oh, ya I need to go outside.

She knows that. No more sounds. I had to hold it for a long time, and Ollie needs his drink from where the water runs. Then back to our new bed.

What? She’s making us go back to our old beds.They call each other by weird names: Ly, Girl.

I need a bed as big as Ollie’s.

This is the thanks I get for saving them from the noise.