Writing Sucks

I wrote my first book Some six or seven years ago. It was not good, so I wrote one more. I even found an editor. And, in this one the grammar and spelling was better. As to the writing? Yup, pretty much like the first one.

So, I stepped back, took a few courses on style, POV, all sorts of other literary things fueled by my desire to publish a book that someone would read; found beta readers, critique groups, family, and friends who finally agreed I was a great writer. Still no sales.

I built a web-site, got a presence on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, as directed by all the experts telling me that “build it and they would come.”

It didn’t happen.

Ok, off I go with some new input: you need at least 10,000 hours of serious writing before you have anything worth reading. So, I rewrote my first two books, found a new editor, did I mention  more books on craft, and more courses, new covers, and both books jumped to Amazon where they sat waiting to be purchased.I wrote a third book to complete the series, and I will attest I had learned a few things about writing in the years that lead up to its birth, and I was pleased with the outcome, only to have someone on Goodreads tell me how the book must have been edited by a friend, if edited at all? I have no idea if that person even read the book, and I complained to Goodreads that the remarks were not at all accurate, as the editing was done by a professional and while there is no such thing as completely accurate, the book was readible. Ok, ok, if the person had said they hated the plot, et al, hey, to each their(ya, you can use ‘their’ as referring to one person, now. Who would have thunk?) own. But, Goodreads refused to intervene, so there that review lives to attest to six years I tried to do something right.

I have moved on from there, and my fourth book is completed and has been through the first round of editing.

Oh ya, why I wrote this.

Writing sucks, editing sucks, readers suck, people taking your money telling you how to write suck, critics suck, and most of all people who buy(don’t buy?) books suck cause they do not buy mine. You’re right I’m addicted to writing.

To top that all off I have spent a considerable amount of money on courses, style books, software, covers, editing (that was worth it),and other miscellaneous.

Did I mention I’m a CPA? Ya so lots of losses to deduct right?


Hobby loss rules. You need profit three out of five years.

Really! Fucking really?

Yes really.

Nothing hits home like “you might think you’re an author, but the IRS has decided you’re nothing more than a hobby twit.”

Merry Christmas.