If I could find Jesus

I find myself thinking

Something evil is blocking the light

It’s not just a notion

Some darkness that comes in the night

                                                                            It’s out all around me

                                                                          It feeds on the left and the right

                                                                         There’s an upset in heaven

                                                                          And Jesus is losing the fight


                                                                   People are starving

                                                                    His children die every day

                                                                    The screams from my TV

                                                                        Tell me more pain’s on the way

                                                                  There’s terror next door

                                                                     Don’t care what you might say

                                                               Blow them to bits

                                                                    It’s time someone else had to pay


                                                              I find myself thinking

                                                               Our mother is shaking in fear

                                                               Trampled green grass and flowers

                                                                The weight is too much to bear

                                                                 I weep as she suffers alone all alone

                                                                 And if only Jesus could see

                                                             He’d have all of us leave

                                                             Set paradise free


                                                             My iphone just called me

                                                              My internet says don’t delay

                                                              Those pills on the table

                                                               Will help me forget yesterday

                                                            If I could find Jesus

                                                                 But I know something keeps him away

                                                             So I have a bad feeling

                                                                It’s just gonna be hell today