A Leaf

A Leaf


Russell Loyola Sullivan


A small buckled leaf

It skates across the deck

Bits of green still cling

Perhaps it is early to the fall

There’s a crackling dryness from the sound it makes as it moves

The brisk wind that carries it tells only of winter

The chipmunks know the truth of it

Or again it might have been the nuts that tipped them off

And so we take the time to tell each other

I know the drill but seem less inclined to join in all the preparation

Perhaps I do know more than I could tell

I merely pause and hope it might slow down for me

Before a long repose might find its rightful place to claim its time

You don’t think of such happenings in spring or summer

It’s our way to believe that things will not die when growth should be in favor

Yet that too my time has though me to be weary of

Still you best not be out of kilter with the ways of nature

Like having your dinner for breakfast

Or your breakfast for dinner

Such nonsense that even a child might see though the silliness

A shiver to the wind

That’s my acceptance

I enjoin the coolness

Anticipate the hoar frost to come

Smoke upon the ponds

Stillness as even the trees return to slumber

I will find them there

We might find each other

Let me see all your colors in full bloom

Let me feel the wind upon my face

Let me smell the lingering decay

Let me lay with you in sweet repose

Let me awake one more time

Where we might do it all again