Years get carved like buried blocks of old ice on some forgotten continent; pressed down and heaped upon by: joys and woes, happiness and pain, beginnings and endings, growth and […]

First Ice

First ice on the water, dark as the water itself. It appears only in the deeper parts of the pond, still not thick enough to hold much more than a […]

The weathered gray door hung askew; the many holes in its screen told of uselessness; the middle hinge was still at work with what the top hinge had accomplished—separation from […]

The twilight, which brings in the evening, offers immutable intention, so different from its left-handed twin on the other side of day or night as one deems best to look. […]


I was pondering some time ago, the loss of innocence. No, no, not that innocence—I mean check out a picture of me at twenty or so – I was far […]

I must separate from the matter and rejoin again; return to the essence. It is more awareness than any knowledge I might have of what I must do; Somehow I […]

An Ending

An Ending A touch of wind upon my brow No sounds, perhaps a cricket early to the evening choir Funny stains upon my hands, little spots And skin that stretched […]


Snow by Russell Loyola Sullivan It’s been some time when last I admired mounds of snow, Limbs bending; hollows all around the trees where snow refuses to go. I wonder […]

One Last Time One last time to the Ocean side One last time to see One last time let the wind and tide Bring memories to me We walked the […]

The Prison (Emotional warning)

Perhaps they don’t know I’m here. She looked down at her feet; the matted pieces of straw mixed in with the dirt on the floor. Bars on all sides, inches […]