Two Faces

There is a raw unsettling awareness which rips the very fabric of defense away and leaves a body open to the dread of utter annihilation. It is so much more […]

Into the Darkness

Landing was but one of his concerns. The second winter storm of the year had come riding in on the cold artic air some hours ago. The whiteness filled the […]

Black Oak

Black Oak By Russell Loyola Sullivan There’s a Black Oak bending low outside my window There’s a stone bridge on the river I can’t cross There’s a road between two […]

Poetry is for women. Well, there was a time before when poetry was for men too, as it is again. The word ‘poetry’ gets a bad rap in how it […]

Campfires hold a special place in my heart. I have a deep appreciation for all the elements. In Newfoundland, growing up we would place a propeller on a stick with […]

A Novel Idea

We all love words. Some of the most memorable movies owe deference to a few good lines of speech. The Untouchables with Sean Connery, many a Clint Eastwood movie, all […]


Stories on the radio, the view-master, sledding, catching sculpins. I loved going for a ride in the skiff. My dad would bring along a treat and we would sit in […]

The Last Heartbeat Let the light in one last time No going back now To where the sparrows sing among the boughs Building nests beside ponds along the perimeter flush […]

Two Tramps

I read again “Two tramps in mud time” —a poem by Robert Frost. He wrote it with a setting of spring time. I, for some odd reason, seek it out […]

Some Days Just Suck

Some days just suck. All the bullshit about cease the day, enjoy the moment, grasp at your future. Some days you have trouble just wiping your ass. Well, I do […]