Scented oils, lavender among them, the breeze from the screened door offers a ride. Out-there can find no mercy from the wind, The winds of change I mean: Ill winds […]

I walk behind them as they keep their nose to ground, One following the other, a sniff, a leg cocked in the air. They mark what is theirs to mark, […]

If I could find Jesus

I find myself thinking Something evil is blocking the light It’s not just a notion Some darkness that comes in the night                                                                             It’s out all around me                                                                           It […]

This is my third attempt to write about Father’s day. Why write at all you might ask? Good question. And it deserves an answer. Because I’m still not sure I’m […]

Brent’s Cove, Newfoundland. The place I was born, and then lived-in for ten years before moving to the big city, St. John’s. Childhood offers its own protection from the atrocities […]

I have always been in touch with my feminine side, or so I used to think. I enjoy and work better with women than I do with men. I’m as […]

  New Year’s Eve, a sultry bar—The Rusty Anchor. A light wind tapped on the windows. Or maybe it was the spirits of old sailors looking for a leeward place […]

Seals of the Ages

I have spent a fair amount of my life reading, and I joyously remember being read to as a child. I’ve dabbled in writing poetry and songs, short stories, and […]