New Year’s Eve, a sultry bar—The Rusty Anchor. A light wind tapped on the windows. Or maybe it was the spirits of old sailors looking for a leeward place […]

Seals of the Ages

I have spent a fair amount of my life reading, and I joyously remember being read to as a child. I’ve dabbled in writing poetry and songs, short stories, and […]

Perhaps I look to others to define myself My reflection in the mirror only points to a stranger: someone I might know; but I have been with him so long […]

Nocturne of the Red Wolf

Someone posted a piece on the voice of the Gray wolf. I’m a gamer, even at sixty-five.  Many years ago I was part of starting a guild in the game […]

Yesterday I took a ride into the city: lights and more lights, a glittering waste of precious energy, forgetting the money throw away on presents, and the lost time spent […]

Please don’t tell anyone, but my three book series, Seals of the Ages is complete. The last book, Riddle of the Keep, is back from editing, and will be available […]


The wind has more to it than summer might want to be a part of; this is no gentle breeze, soothing and soft to usher in a sunny day where […]

A Leaf by Russell Loyola Sullivan A small buckled leaf It skates across the deck Bits of green still cling Perhaps it is early to the fall There’s a crackling […]

Going into the Darkness

It’s one of my favorite times of year, when the light gives way to the darkness. Growing up in Brent’s Cove, Newfoundland, without electricity, cars, or TV, it was even […]